Roman Blinds

The Roman blind is a contemporary blind but very stylish enhancing all décors. Roman blinds are available in two distinctive designs - the Classic Custom and the Traditional Roman blind.

Traditional Roman Blinds

The Traditional Roman blind is constructed using powder coated extrusions and wide width stiffened fabrics, resulting in aesthetically structured blind creating clean horizontal folds when raised. The use of extrusions eliminates any pinholes, timber batons can also be applied to the front of the blind for detail.

Traditional Roman blinds are available in sunscreen, translucent and block out fabrics select from our stunning range of plain, textures, jacquards and prints. The base of the blind can be finished with decorative braids, contrast trims and metal base rail. Standard operation is cord, chain and motorisation option is also available.

The option of sewn batons is available but this will allow light to penetrate though the pinholes and may cause puckering.

Classic Custom Roman Blinds

Classic Custom Romans are manufactured using beautiful furnishing fabrics creating a unique individual style. As the furnishing fabrics are not stiffened the horizontal folds will be softer when raised giving the blind a less structured appearance.

The Classic Roman is also constructed using powder coated extrusions and can be made with front batons or a smooth flat face with the extrusions attached to the lining, this option allows the fabric design to be uninterrupted.

You can add contrast banding, decorative trimmings or a swaged base the combinations are endless. Custom Romans can be tailored to suit all décors. Standard operation is cord, chain and motorisation option is also available.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds are elegant and energy efficient, helping to control heat and glare in summer and retain warmth in winter. Honeycombs have a cellular design that creates pockets of stationary air that act as insulators, helping to reduce energy bills by reducing heat loss and gain blocking up to 99% of UV rays by reflecting solar energy.

The Honeycomb collection includes a beautiful range of translucent, semi-sheer and blackout fabrics in a variety of delicate colours in a single or double cell and a choice of operating systems. The blinds have a neat stacking system providing a clear view to the outside when not in use, available in a varying shapes and sizes making this style of blind suitable for skylights and angled windows. Honeycombs are made from non-woven or woven polyester that won't fray of fade, their dust repellent and can be cleaned with a damp sponge or vacuumed gently.