Curtain Lining

Lining fabric is an important part to completing your curtains.

It is the lining that will protect the curtains fabric, insulate your windows by blocking the UV rays and reduciing heat loss, protecting from cold and hot climates, helping to reduce energy bills. The level of protection will depend on the lining you select.

Energy Saving Benefits of Curtain Lining

  • Uncovered windows allow the transfer of both warm and cool air between the inside and outside of your home.
  • Glass accounts for a significant percentage of heat loss in Winter and gain in Summer.
  • Drapes or Blinds create a barrier between the room and window.
  • Either cool or warm air is trapped between the curtain and glass.
  • Curtains, Blinds and Pelmets help insulate a room from heat, cold and noise.
  • Reduce energy consumption, saving money.
  • Pelmets with a headboard help stop the loss of heated or air-conditioned air from the inside and prevent the hot or cold air from outside entering your home, increasing your energy costs.

Total Block Out 3-Pass Lining

Total block out 3pass lining is a cotton polyester base cloth coated with a white acrylic membrane, followed by a coating of black membrane then a final coat of white or ivory acrylic. This lining provides the highest protection, privacy and total block out to your windows. This lining should be dry cleaned.

Cotton Sateen Lining

Cotton sateen lining is a 100% cotton fabric while still providing some protection it will allow light to transmit through the curtain fabric, suitable for areas where maximum protection is not required available in white or ivory. This lining is machine washable.

Dim Out 1-Pass Lining

Dim out 1 pass lining is a polyester cotton base cloth coated with one layer of white or ivory acrylic membrane. This lining provides a medium protection and privacy allowing subtle daylight to transmit through your curtain. This lining should be dry cleaned.

Bumph Interlining

Bumph interlining is soft flannelette like fabric used as an interlining which is excellent for assisting with noise, heat and cold insulation.

Bumph provides extra body supporting the fabrics a must have for silks and will help create an opulent effect with finer fabrics. Bumph is attached between the face fabric and the lining creating three layers of fabric to you curtains.

Triple Weave Polyester Lining

Triple weave polyester lining is a polyester fabric tightly woven, its high density construction makes it excellent for noise insulation and protection from cold and hot climates.

It is flame retardant making it an excellent choice for commercial and residential applications. Available in large range of colours but due to the construction of this fabric a clean white is not available; the whites in the range will appear to have a greyish tone.

Triple weave polyester provides 80 - 95% protection depending on the colour and manufacturer, with the darker colours providing the higher light control a beautiful soft draping lining can be machine washed and has long life span.